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Glenthorne Community Primary School

Mrs Jacqueline Glaze - Catering Assistant

My name is Jackie Glaze. At Glenthorne I am Catering Assistant to Mrs. Tunstall in the kitchen. We share all of the cooking, cleaning, ordering and paperwork. I have worked with Mrs. Tunstall for many years.


I have three children, Nikki and Claire who are twins, and Jessica. My favourite game is Bubble Mania, I play it on my iPod. I love rock music and have been to many festivals.

I love doing my gardening, I like to keep it tidy and colourful. Once I had a blackbirds nest in a tree which was low enough for me to see the baby chicks grow. When I am using the computer I like to go on YouTube and watch ships sailing in rough seas. I have been on a ship through the Bay of Biscay…AMAZING!


One of the things I really like about Glenthorne is being fortunate enough to work in a kitchen that is large, well equipped and has lots of windows.


My favourite subject when I was at school was PE, as I am a very competitive person and love a challenge. When I was young I attended a judo club and won many fights.


If I wasn’t a caterer I would be working in the public sector.


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