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Glenthorne Community Primary School

House Captains

At Glenthorne Community Primary School, we operate a house system. Our school is divided into three houses: Eaton, Rosemary and Hawkins. Our names are taken from key figures/families from our local area.


Eaton (Green House) is named after the Easton family, who were key members of our local area. They provided work for many families through their mining company. They are still a huge source of employment in Cheslyn Hay. The factory and quarry produce concrete products. 


Hawkins (Red House) is named after another local family. They are best known as owning coal pits, which provided a source of employment for the area.  The family business produced bricks and tiles, still seen in many homes today. The Hawkins name is now associated with sport and many of our pupils play for Hawkins football teams. 


Rosemary (Blue House) is named after Rosemary Tiles. This tile works provided employment for many people in our local area. You may recognise the name as one of our roads- Rosemary Road- is named after this. 


Our houses represent key local historical figures which upheld many of the same values we do today including: a sense collaboration (they built a team through their workforce), respect (they demonstrated care for their workers) and high expectations (they pushed themselves to create successful businesses).


We represent our houses through sporting events, competing against each other during Sports Day. 

We also work together within our houses to collect house points. These are rewarded for high standards of work, effort, behaviour, collaboration, kindness, etc.

House points are counted weekly by our House Captains and results are shared with pupils during our Celebration assembly. 

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