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Glenthorne Community Primary School


Design and Technology at Glenthorne


Our intention for design and technology, at Glenthorne, is to prepare children for the world they live in and the advances that are going to happen in the future. Design and technology allows children the opportunity to problem solve and become critical thinkers; both individually and as a team. It gives children the opportunity to identify gaps or problems with products, develop new ideas and create their own products. At Glenthorne, we want children to be prepared to enter the ever-changing world around them with the skills we encourage:




-Critical thinking


-Being reflective


We have implemented ‘Skills Days’, at Glenthorne, which allows children to be immersed in design and technology and work on projects/products with purpose. Teachers plan design and technology into their curriculum through ‘Skills Days’ and any other cross-curricular opportunities during topic lessons. Glenthorne provides opportunities for design and technology through projects set as homework tasks. For example, Years 5 & 6 design and make ‘eggmobiles’ and then compete to test their stability and mechanisms used. 

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