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Glenthorne Community Primary School


Art & Design at Glenthorne



Our intention for art and design at Glenthorne is to allow children to explore a range of art movements, artists, skills, techniques, views and opinions; exposing them to the wider world around us. It is an opportunity for children to dive into different avenues, find new interests and inspiration which fuels their creativity. We aim to promote the following:



-Mastery of skills and techniques

-Critical thinking

-A sense of individuality

-Tolerance and respect

-Expand children’s understanding of culture

Within our art curriculum, children are given the chance to work independently as well as collaboratively whilst they experiment, practise and create final pieces.




We have created ‘Knowledge Organisers’ for each strand of art to ensure that children cover a wide variety of art skills, for example, techniques, artists, key vocabulary and open discussions. Teachers at Glenthorne plan art and design into their classrooms in ways that best suit the children, their topics, texts they are reading and the skills they want their class to develop. There are many cross-curricular links which allow for art and design to be incorporated into subjects such as English, Science, History, Geography, Music, RE and PSHE. As a school, we offer ‘Skills Days’ in which children immerse themselves into the world of art on a much deeper level. Glenthorne provides numerous extra-curricular activities including arts and crafts, in which we nurture those who have a passion and love for creativity.

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